Break the language barrier with ExC-ELL™

For schools that have a growing number of diverse English language learners, ExC-ELL™ is the only instructional model proven to create a classroom environment of higher student participation, motivation, and success. Unlike other instructional programs for English learners that result in the acquisition of basic communication skills, ExC-ELL accelerates the acquisition of academic language and grade-level content for all ELs.

Teachers of all grade levels
and content areas can
benefit from ExC-ELL.

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Well-trained coaches make
a difference in teacher and
student outcomes.

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10 keys to keeping English
language learners from falling through the cracks.

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Margarita Calderón
on supporting teachers
in every classroom
with ExC-ELL

Dr. Calderón discusses the basis for her research and how ExC-ELL helps teachers strengthen academic language, reading comprehension, and writing skills for all students.